3 Tips to increase productivity in your business





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These three tips may seem like common sense for a lot of people, however I have noticed that there is a large majority of people who solely rely on just one form of lead generation and or spend very little to no time developing business skills through personal development audios or books, videos etc.

It is a fact that the more skills you develop and the more you actually speak about your business and the more you work on your business the better it will become. Now notice I said “work on your business” that’s different from working in your business. Working on your business means to make enhancements or improve the quality of service you provide or to test and try new strategies that will help to increase productivity either long term or short term.

Tip 1. Invest in a bluetooth head set for safe communication while you are traveling.

Tip 2. Listen to personal development audios or read books, work on your inner game and business skills.

Tip 3. Carry business cards, ask prospects to visit your site and follow up with them within the next few days.

5 Extra Bonus Tips.

Bonus Tip 1. Don’t be afraid to try something new but remember to measure the results and outcome and know that it’s OK to make mistakes.

Bonus Tip 2. Don’t rely on just one single source of income, build multiple sources of income, known as MSI’s.

Bonus Tip 3. Don’t try to manage time, instead learn to manage events.

Bonus Tip 4. Make communication easy by providing a telephone number on your website or opportunity page.

Bonus Tip 5. Don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique, be yourself and just do it.