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The Leverage Series Vol 1 : How to Leverage Social Media and The Blockchain with Attraction Marketing

Instructions: Business Guide, Downloads & PDF Notepad & Bonuses

Attraction Marketing with Social Media and the blockchain is everything from dating on the blockchain to bolstering your business brand and logo across multiple networks.

The big question most people have is… How do I attract more customers? or Which are the best social media platforms to use? and now there is the blockchain and it’s fanciful dapps and again the same questions come up… like, What are the best dapps to use? In case you didn’t know dapps are decentralized apps which run on the blockchain network and they are so…. interesting.

This 30 minute coaching video will give you a clear insight in to:

This offer includes more than just a 30 minute coaching video, here are just some of the features and benefits you will receive with this exclusive online coaching deal!

  • 30 minute coaching video
  • PDF Notebook Download
  • Multiple Business Tools & Resources
  • Opportunity to Win Advertising Credits
  • Access to Income Generators
  • Access to Creative Marketing Tools
  • Access to over 1.5 Million Royalty Free Images

I created a Video and a downloadable pdf Notebook which you can view online and download for safe keeping as it contains some valuable notes and points of reference in alignment with the coaching video. The notebook also contains links of reference to start using the information, tool’s and resources for free, so there is no other additional cost once you purchase the coaching video, the notebook download is free and all the tool’s and unadvertised bonuses are all free too, with approximately a £500 normal retail value. But I am not charging any where near that figure, the simple reason being is… I wanted to make this so affordable that anyone could afford it and start using it right away, knowing the real value probably makes no difference because the price you pay to get this exclusive specialized knowledge and information could easily be worth thousands, maybe even millions to your business net-worth and network.

Instructions: Business Guide, Downloads & PDF Notepad & Bonuses

I really did struggle with coming up with what should be a fair price to pay… I mean the business development and wealth creation home study group is a £180 per year value, I’m giving free access for 6 months which is £90 on it’s own. When you add everything up and you include all the bonuses and links inside the pdf notebook which are clickable online and are always available for easy quick reference it’s a huge amount of value but I understand that not everyone can afford to pay £500 or more and I really just want people to benefit from this information, So I’m launching this offer for free with an option to pay what you think it’s worth to you. You can even decide later after you review the coaching video and notebook and if you are in a real financial sticky situation then you don’t have to pay a thing. By the way I’ll be adding to this notebook later, it has been updated already to version 2 with additional bonuses and version 3 will be released some time soon, early 2019.

Take Action with this… It could make all the difference in your social marketing efforts, building your business and brand, leveraging the internet, blockchain and you’ll get to explore the creative tool’s and resources provided.

Instructions: Business Guide, Downloads & PDF Notepad & Bonuses

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