The Man Who Could See The Future

The Man Who Could See The Future Robert Kiyosaki, Author, Financial Educator & Investor Predicts a Major Crash in 2016 New Video: 60 minutes of financial education that can change your life   @6.00 in: Watch and listen to Robert’s first prediction that has already come to pass, the second is yet to come. @25.33 […]

Real Internet Income With SFI

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+1Success Review

Jon Olson’s +1 Success I was delighted to see this a new and simple concept in business development. The latest new membership site launched by Jon Olson with internet marketing and resources that can help boost brand awareness and ultimately grow any business from any part of the world. Jon Olson is probably one of […]

How Reiki & QI Gong has helped me become more focused and pain free

Since becoming attuned and starting my progressive learning journey in the energy healing arts I have found Reiki to be one of the best discoveries yet, however by combining both QI Gong & Reiki in my own daily lifestyle I’ve found it has improved my energy levels and has helped me to become pain free, […]

Own Your Life – What does it mean to you?

Own Your Life! – What does it mean to you…? I think to Own Your Life! means having the time, money and good health to do whatever your hearts desire is… It could be having the time & financial freedom to Travel or re locate. Maybe even start a new business venture and allow yourself […]

Why Gold & Silver

Join us at Swiss Gold Global either as a free member or as a Premium Member and take “The Mental Fitness Challenge”. Start here — Also Sign up here for your free goodies! #realwealthrevolution #ownyourlife We have a unique panel of top leading industry professionals sharing wisdom & knowledge on Business, Lifestyle, Personal […]

The Living Matrix Full Length Documentary

The Living Matrix – Full Length Documentary featuring holistic view points on energy healing, self healing and some interesting discoveries.   Read my Post: How Qi Gong & Reiki has helped me to become more focused and pain free  

The Art of Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do: The way of the intercepting fist/foot, founded by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was thought of as a genius by his closest friends and peers due to his view on philosophy and the fighting arts, it is believed that Bruce’s influence is what kick started MMA – Mixed Martial Arts as we know […]

Bruce Lee Father Of Martial Arts Cinema Documentary 2015

Inspiring Documentary with some rare footage of Bruce Lee “The Legend”. Bruce Lee is considered the Father of Mixed Martial Arts who brought together various different fighting sports and techniques, drawing out and developing what is known as Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee’s Art. BRUCE LEE Jeet Kune Do PART 1 Amazing never seen before […]

Nikola Tesla and the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt

What is Source Energy or Scalar Energy? Source Energy or Scalar Energy is the natural life force energy that surrounds us on planet earth, it is said to be everywhere all at once and throughout the entire Universe. In the East this energy is sometimes called Qi as in Qigong or or Chi as in […]

Internet Marketing & Books

Raise your Financial IQ & your Cash-Flowing Income with Real Internet Income Strategies & Secrets of the Rich! Azenza Internet Marketing & Books Presented by Paul Nulty The 21st Century Entrepreneur #Evolve. Books on Amazon featuring Robert Kiyosaki +Free Download “Own Your Life” By Don Faila Download the first four chapters Internet Marketing […]

Biggest Bubble Bath for Banks in London

Banks charge dirty hidden fees when you send money abroad. With TransferWise you get the real, squeaky clean exchange rate. And you save up to 90%. Bathtastic. This spectacular peaceful demonstration shows how new innovative companies are emerging to clean up the financial world. On Wednesday 11th February the people of London witnessed this display […]