Introduction to Zen & Meditation

Zen Meditation is the traditional Buddhist discipline which dates back as far as ancient times, Actually as far back as the Tang Dynasty in 7th century, China, and prior to that as it is believed that Buddhism was introduced from India to China and then it developed through different countries over many centuries. Traditional Zen has many different aspects however; Zen is often described as simply another name for “Meditation“.

Now in today’s modern world we have many different styles of meditation, for example sitting meditation, standing meditation, meditation in motion and even different styles of guided meditation to assist with specific aspects of life.

The introduction is designed to give people a better insight and starting point to learn and develop their own understanding of meditation and their own true nature, it’s not to say that Zen Meditation is better than other styles of meditation or that there is a right or wrong way to meditate.

Today, many people are suffering from some kind of stress in their life either consciously or sub consciously and meditation is the one thing that we can all learn and practise almost anywhere, anytime and without the need of any special equipment. It really is a skill and practise that anyone can learn and use to de-stress and re-connect with their true essence.

During the 15 minute audio introduction you will learn how meditation helped me deal with high pressure demands and stress as an entrepreneur, owner and manager of multiple business projects and how it can help anyone to become more relaxed and more effective in all areas of business and life.

In this new audio introduction I also mention a new meditation technique which is really simple and easy to learn with the new guided meditation series which will also be live and available in video and audio in the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to sharing this new technique and the entire guided meditation series with you all really soon.

Meditation & Guided Meditation Explained


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