Nikola Tesla and the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt


What is Source Energy or Scalar Energy?

Source Energy or Scalar Energy is the natural life force energy that surrounds us on planet earth, it is said to be everywhere all at once and throughout the entire Universe. In the East this energy is sometimes called Qi as in Qigong or or Chi as in Thai Chi and is a much different type of energy than that of which currently powers our homes and work places, Reiki practitioners also work with this energy and use this energy for healing. Qigong promotes excellent health benefits and helps to improve longevity, prevent, reduce and or remove illness & disease.

This video was found on Selfhealgo among other interesting videos on health and Scalar Energy

Visit Selfhealgo and watch as Tom Paladino creates a local scalar field that activates the movie screen, illuminates fluorescent light bulbs still in the package and sets off the fire alarm.