Own Your Life – What does it mean to you?

Own Your Life! – What does it mean to you…? I think to Own Your Life! means having the time, money and good health to do whatever your hearts desire is… It could be having the time & financial freedom to Travel or re locate. Maybe even start a new business venture and allow yourself more quality time to spend with friends, family and loved ones, more time for hobbies and to do the things you are most passionate about.

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This unique viral business builder, wealth builder, traffic and income generator provides some of the worlds best tools, training & resources for learning and earning and it suits home business owners, net-workers and affiliates including SME’s & Big Business.

One Great New Idea Can Really Change Your Life!

To Own your life completely takes more than just a decision, You need a plan and a vehicle to get you from point A to point B.

The Decision

Personal Development & Business Development plays a major role for people who want to Own their life. I made a decision back In 2007. I started a journey that took me in to the Financial World and at that time we were just on the brink of what was known here in the U.K. as “The Credit Crunch”. I witnessed a historical event and had faced a major disruption to my newly acquired career path, I was offering Commercial Finance & marketing investment properties in Spain & Dubai at around the same time and when the housing market collapsed all three of the offices of my newly established business partners (at that time) were forced to close. Network Marketing has provided me with a proven tried and tested portable business that I can manage, build and grow from any part of the world.


The Opportunity

I began looking for alternative business ventures and income opportunities and then one day while browsing on the internet a unique opportunity was presented to me on Sweeva.

This was an opportunity that required very little time and no experience, it was actually offering world class coaching and mentor ship with financial education as well as business and personal development and a business model designed to generate a strong monthly residual income. When I learned that it can all be done with very little effort and from any part of the world with no stock to buy and no high set up cost’s as you would expect with similar franchise models I did not need to think twice and I’ve never looked back. One of the best things that I really like about this “Own Your Life” business is I can do this working just a few hours per week or a few hours per day, I really don’t have any set hours and it doesn’t even feel like work. The business is about education and financial planning which motivates people to develop new skills which is all about people helping people and anyone can learn this system fairly quickly.

Not all opportunities that were presented to me made much sense or even resonated with me, I had to do extensive research and sift through all the garbage to find this hidden gem. So when I found this opportunity it was literally like finding a needle in a hay stack. I had found something which offered real financial security with real tangible assets which are globally accepted and recognized. I knew that this would be the foundation on which to build my International Business working from home or any place I chose to travel.

I took the time to look at this opportunity because it was one of the few opportunities that really resonated with me and made so much sense to me after experiencing “The Credit Crunch” which caused a lot of businesses to close and had a huge impact on our economy which was mainly due to reckless banking rules and procedures. This opportunity was all about Real Wealth – Real Knowledge & Real Income, So I knew it was something I could use and share with other people.

The Lifestyle

Now I literally get paid to save and create real wealth – It’s an absolute no brainer! and the best part is it takes up very little of my time which allows me to do more of what I want to do allowing me more time freedom.


I still offer investment properties in Spain & Portugal which is good for people who are looking to either retire there one day or maybe just would like the idea of living or having a second home close to the Beach, Golf Resorts & Spa’s. I don’t sell properties all day every day and so the residual income from Swiss Gold Global is nice to have and this opportunity is something for everyone! I mean not everyone want’s to go to Spain or own a property in Spain and most who do maybe just don’t have the finance to do it but almost everyone I know is looking for financial security, time freedom and peace of mind to allow them to really live their life on their own terms, This opportunity could be used as a vehicle to help buy your dream home or second home in the Sun, To have a second home you will most likely need a second income to pay for it, unless you are already financially set and therefore another good reason to think about diversifying in to precious metals. Regardless of a persons current level of income or education – Anyone can do this.

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Swiss Gold Global provides the Financial Vehicle that will take you from point A to point B.


To Your Success, Good Health & Financial Prosperity!


Paul Nulty
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