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Getting Started

  1. You’ll need a bitcoin wallet or multi coin wallet to send or receive crypto currency, Exodus seems like a good option and has some great reviews.
  2. Sign up and verify your account with KYC docs, select your entry level 0-5000 USD with Swiss Gold Global.
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Alternative Exchanges for Investors, Merchants & Traders

New to Bitcoin?

Join Coinbase if you need a Bitcoin address and wallet in order to buy, sell, exchange between currencies or accumulate Bitcoin, or if you are a merchant that wants to accept Crypto Currency with access to developer tools and payment gate-way’s online.

Best options for personal storage and privacy of your Crypto Currencies

It is not recommended to use coinbase like a bank as it’s primary purpose is to exchange between currencies and or buy and sell. There are great features and benefits for both consumers, lite users and merchants, however with coinbase you are not issued with private keys for wallets that are generated on the site. It is recommended to store or save your crypto currency off of the exchange and in your own private wallet for full control, security and privacy.

If you need to create a bitcoin wallet or multiple wallets quickly and easily without any special equipment and at the same time have full control over your public and private key’s go to

Need a separate wallet for Litecoin? Go to

Tech Savvy Investors, Pioneers and Crypto Coin enthusiasts are using what is known as a Trezor which is a small hand held device which can be used to store and transfer crypto currency between wallets and send or receive safely and securely on the blockchain.

Browse & Buy on Amazon – Browse for hardware wallets on Amazon

Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Ethereum Wallet – White  (Most Popular)

Crypto Mining Smart Contracts

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