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The turn of the year 2k back in the year 2000, that symbolized a period of great change and new possibilities in the new Millennium and our most prolific Business Leaders & Coaches at the time understood the ability to create new business models and web based solutions using the world wide web and the latest internet technology as it has been a hot topic on T.V. and Radio as well as on the internet. According to Wikipedia it is believed that The history of the Internet begins with the development of electronic computers in the 1950’s. However it took roughly 40 years to become a household name. Since the early days probably around the mid 90’s and when the internet was just becoming a household feature and commodity many people took interests in various different subjects not just for business utilities but on subjects such as gaming to education, photography and sports and the list goes on and on… Now we can access the internet from almost anywhere, anytime using a P.C., mobile smart phone, tablet or laptop and now it’s even easier for anyone to start building a business using internet technology right from the comfort of their own home or office and with very little out of pocket expenses. Maybe that’s why we have seen such a frenzy of different types of business start ups and initiatives over the last two decades or so. Noticeably not all business models were built to last or worked quite as well as expected, however there is a common theme with all successful business models and that is… “They have a great product and service which is in demand, easy to use and affordable”.

FAQ – What’s the easiest way to make money online?

Building a business is neither easy nor difficult, you just have to be good at what you do and if not… Learn the skills or build a team. Become good at what you do. However, I think the most difficult task for anyone who is either starting a business or developing a business in the 21st Century is getting to know the different aspects of business tool’s and utilities and then learning how to use them and in what order to use them etc. Then there is the whole marketing side which is really all about getting your business brand and products out there on display. I made lot’s of mistakes and celebrated lot’s of successes over the last ten years, the early days were probably the most expensive as I would buy a product, utility, tool or service just to test it out and then later disregard it as I found it either useless or I found a more effective solution, however through trial and error I managed to find some really amazing – easy to use and low cost professional business tools and I even found some free tools and utilities which have been really useful while building my own business and brand on the internet. I was so immersed in business development and marketing back in 2014 and when I was presented with the opportunity to purchase, own and operate a revolutionary viral marketing tool which had already been running successfully since 2009, I did not hesitate and I’m proud to say I still own and operate that amazing viral marketing business opportunity today with over 32,000 members and I now offer premium level business development services and coaching with a home study group suitable for small home business owners all the way to medium and larger businesses and organizations.

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