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Entrepreneur365 (E365) is a fun and exciting SFI contest that gives you great goals to shoot for during your first year in SFI. The objective is to score the most Versa Points (VP) in your class during this 365-day period. While you’re competing in E365, you’re accumulating lots of Versa Points—points that can put money in your pocket from the TripleClicks Executive Pool. PLUS, each participating affiliate receives an E365 Challenger badge and has the opportunity to Win a share of OVER $1,000,000 in cash and prizes… all while learning about how to create a successful SFI business!

SFI presents one of the most fun way’s to build your business & brand with full training & team support, take part in fun stuff contest’s & challenges, fun stuff to do while learning how to leverage the internet for profits & income.

SFI combines affiliate marketing and encourages team building with a platform for Business and eCommerce with multiple way’s to earn.

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