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Find us on Hive

You can now follow our main News blog on Hive!

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If you'd like to take part in some of the online events and challenges on Hive then you will need a Hive Wallet and Account, This is not a requirement to view the blog, however if you would like to comment or take part in supporting us or interact with our online events you will need to create a user name and hive account in order to participate. This is not something we can help with as it must be created by yourself and kept confidential. Here's the good news though... We can help to make it easier to onboard by just simply taking action and following the steps required to create your Hive Wallet using PEAKD which is the front end application for the blogging platform.

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Find us on Hive

Hive FAQ:

Q: What is Hive?
A: Hive is an online crypto community network which runs on a cryptocurrency called Hive, Users mainly use Hive for blogging and building online communities, groups and networks.

Q: Why should I be interested in Hive?
A: You may be interested in learning, using or developing Web 3.0 Solutions with blockchain technology or you may just want to experience the blogging network and enjoy the features and benefits of Hive. You can also get rewarded for taking action on the hive blockchain.

Q: Do I need to have any special skills to use Hive?
A: No, You can pretty much learn as you go, there is a bit of a learning curve to go through but you can easily figure it out after spending some time with the Dapps and User Interface on PEAKD for example, there are also some really cool training videos available and online communities on hive that provide a deeper understanding and use case for hive as well as some of the best Dapps and other user features, you just need to look for them, reach out, network and ask questions.

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