Golden Frog Guided Meditation

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Introduction to Zen & Meditation - Healing from within (2 Part Audio Series)
Part 1 (running time 15.10)
Part 2 (running time 5.49)

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Introduction to Meditation | The Golden Frog Technique Guided Meditation (running time 31:32).
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This guided meditation is perfect for beginners and people of all experience levels as includes 3 classic meditation sound tracks to assist with relaxation, reflection, personal wellness and self empowerment this is approximately a ten minute meditation experience towards the end of the audio recording.

The tracks include

1.  Overcome

2. Dreaming_in_432Hz

3. Liberation

P.S. The sound tracks are free and are also available in my online library. (Pay for the coaching and get the sound tracks for free - is that a fair deal?)

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