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Paul Nulty Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach

Paul has been studying and practicing Jikiden Reiki since 2015 and has good experience with hands on treatment, working with clients in his local area in and around Glasgow and North Ayrshire in Scotland.

Paul is also experienced with distance healing and provides regular support with remote - distance healing for those who are unable to find a Reiki Practitioner in their local area and provides home visits for those who find it difficult to travel for treatment.

Jikiden Reiki is the original and traditional Japanese art form which was practiced and taught by Mikao Usui Sensei, this amazing and wonderful healing art was founded in 1922 and since then; Reiki has become popular also in the West with some different variations of the original art form, the original teaching has been preserved through Jikiden Reiki teachings, Jikiden, meaning: Directly passed down.

Paul is a dedicated holistic health practitioner and is also a student and practitioner of various other different holistic healing arts, personal wellness and holistic health modalities which include Martial Arts, Herbalism, Shaolin and Taoist Qigong, Cosmic Healing, Hawaiian Ho'oponopono as well as Traditional Acupressure. Paul has also gained some experience with various different Classical and Traditional Massage Styles.

Even though Paul has good experience as a fully qualified and certified Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, he continues his studies in holistic health and wellness, always striving to improve his knowledge and skill sets while Coaching others on the subject of holistic health and wellness.

Paul is also a member of the Jikiden Reiki U.K. Association (JRUKA) and The Reiki Healing Association (RHA).

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Learn more about the Services and Coaching offers provided by Paul Nulty by visiting the link below.

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Reiki Hands on Healing (In Person Treatment)
Reiki Hands on Healing (In Person Treatment, Home Visit)
Reiki Distance Healing (Remote Treatment)

Group Coaching & 1:1 Coaching
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