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Free Offer Coaching Audio:
Introduction to Zen & Meditation – Healing from within (2 Part Audio Series)
Part 1 (running time 15.10)
Part 2 (running time 5.49)

Premium Level Coaching Audio:
Introduction to Meditation | The Golden Frog Technique Guided Meditation (running time 31:32).

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This guided meditation is perfect for beginners and people of all experience levels as it includes 3 classic meditation sound tracks to assist with relaxation, reflection, personal wellness and self empowerment this is approximately a ten minute meditation experience towards the end of the audio recording.

The tracks include

1.  Overcome

2. Dreaming_in_432Hz

3. Liberation

Image source: Pixabay

Free Bonuses: Ideal for daily or regular practice

Try out the Golden Frog Method by yourself with this hand picked sound track compilation which includes the same tracks used in the coaching audio with additional free bonus audios | Soothing & Uplifting Meditation Music (running time 21:14).

The original sound tracks used in the Guided Meditation Audio
Healing from within Meditation Sound Tracks (running time 14:10).



P.S. I told you the sound tracks are free and are also available in my online library. (Pay for the coaching and get the sound tracks for free – remember?)

More Free Music Sound Tracks
Here’s the link to my personal meditation sound track library

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