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Reiki is the energy healing art founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922 upon his discovery while fasting and meditating on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto Japan.

DrMikaoUsuiDr. Mikao Usui was on a spiritual journey of enlightenment and he reported to have attained this after losing consciousness while meditating. He awakened with a refreshed energy describing his experience as being as if he was penetrated by lightning. His wonder and amazement was realized when he was returning home from the mountain following the experience as he descended down the mountain he tripped and ripped off his toenail it was then that Dr. Mikao Usui placed his hand over the injury and when he removed his hand the bleeding had stopped and he was completely healed. That same day he healed a woman who was in terrible pain with tooth ache and then from that point on Reiki was introduced to the locals and later spread out to Western Society.

Since Reiki was introducereikiimage00001d to the West, various different techniques & different styles of Reiki have been practiced, some of which are not as effective as the original form due to the incompleteness of the original training. Jikiden Reiki is the original method which was directly passed down by the founder Dr. Mikao Usui and it is said that all other forms and styles have branched out from that and some of the techniques may have been lost or forgotten about.


“Jikiden Reiki is our attempt to re-introduce the original style of Reiki to people, in its simple authentic form.” Tadao Yamaguchi 


What is Reiki?

reiki8benefits1Reiki is a holistic energy healing art which is used to treat all kind of health issues and each treatment helps to clear toxins and restore balance in the mind and body enhancing the bodies own natural defence system and healing ability. The treatment is focused primarily with Ki energy and the Chakra’s as well as the blood flow and lymphatic system which is related to every living cell of the body.

Reiki can also be used for healing remotely, Since Reiki is everywhere all the time, Clients may receive Reiki remotely at any distance in any part of the world without physically attending a hands on treatment. Reiki is primarily a hands on treatment and Jikiden Reiki is the exact procedure and technique which was carried out by the founder Dr. Miakao Usui.

Learn more about Chakras & The Lymphatic System in the illustrations below.





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