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About Reiki
Reiki is a simple and gentle non invasive Japanese Healing Art, Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan 1922 following on from a seemingly life long study of spirituality and inner wisdom. Reiki can be best described as a simplistic approach to alternative medicine which helps to promote natural self healing.

Reiki Treatment can be experienced in two way's:
1. Hands on healing treatment (in person).
2. Distance healing (remotely).

Reiki is sometimes referred to as energy healing and is a popular subject of interest in the natural energy healing arts.

Recent research and published articles have shown Reiki to be very effective and is becoming increasingly popular with Doctors, Nurses and Health Practitioners around the world where it is being used to treat patients and new borns in clinics, surgeries and hospitals, it is believed that the methods used are by way of allowing life force energy also known as (Chi) in China or (Ki) in Japan to flow to the recipient in a subtle and natural way.

Reiki can also be used to treat animals and anyone can learn the simple methods used for daily practice, self care and to treat others.

Usui Reiki Treatment was designed for the improvement of Body & Mind and it has been proven to be a highly effective holistic and natural healing modality.

Reiki for Healing & Relaxation
Reiki is greatly recognised first and foremost as a Japanese healing art and has no negative side effects, clients and recipients of Reiki often describe their experience as calming and relaxing. Reiki can be used most effectively for healing and relaxation. Reiki can be used to treat all illness and disease in the body as it contributes to natural healing and homeostasis.

Reiki for Pain Relief & Recovery
Some of the benefits that come with a Reiki Treatment is that painful areas of the body often subside quickly and while we offer no guarantee's on the outcome as every client is different and in some cases more than 1 treatment may be required before feeling any noticeable results. Reiki assists and helps to speed up the body's own natural healing ability.

Reiki for Stress & Anxiety
"Since learning and practising (Self Reiki) daily, I am much more focused and rarely suffer from stress and anxiety, I feel more confident & relaxed especially during and after practising Reiki". - Paul Nulty

Distance Healing
Reiki can be sent to the recipient remotely as the general understanding is that Reiki ~ Life Force Energy is omnipresent, meaning it exists everywhere at all times.


Traditional Japanese Reiki

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Interested in learning more about Reiki?
We hold regular Reiki Share Groups & Wellness Event's which are ideal for anyone who has an interest and would like to find out more about this simple yet effective healing art. Reiki share groups are a great way to experience Reiki and gain some basic knowledge, this is also a great way to explore Reiki in a small relaxed group environment with like minded people. Ask your Reiki Practitioner for more information on Reiki Share Group's. If you would like to study Reiki at a more professional level your Reiki Practitioner will be able to offer more information with you upon request.

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Are you a Reiki Practitioner?
We are a community focused and purpose driven Health & Lifestyle Company with a vision to make Reiki more accessible to anyone in any region or part of the world and our affiliate programme makes it easy for us to collaborate and work with skilled practitioners from just about anywhere in the world.
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