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Reiki is the Japanese healing art which harnesses the natural life force energy known as (Ki) in Japan or (Chi) in China and helps to regulate and remove blocked energy which may be causing discomfort or pain in the body, it’s effects can assist with healing or comforting any current illness or pain as well as assist with the prevention or re occurrence of any health issues. The Reiki practitioner will ask the client to either sit or lie comfortably while the healing process takes place. The client may feel subtle sensations or slight heat during treatment. The practitioner will work in a organized routine to ensure the client receives the most benefit from the treatment.

Some of the health benefits include the balancing and re balancing of energy in the body contributing to pain relief, stress relief and natural healing.

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Booking and payment is required in advance and cancellations are only refundable if more than 7 day’s notice is given.

*Send an email with your name and contact number with the best time to receive a call back and I will call you at the soonest time possible to confirm your booking and payment.



Book 30 mins or 1 hour treatments individually or as a pay monthly option with loyalty discounts, example; Pay for 4 treatments and get 1 free.


Paul Nulty
International Holistic Health Coach & Healer
Founder of Azenza International Health & Lifestyle Club
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner & Member of The Reiki Healing Association


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