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Q: What is a Safe-list?
A: A safe-list is a safe email list, meaning; emails sent will not be classed as spam as the recipients are subscribers who have opted in and agreed to receive offers in exchange for credits which can be used to send their own offers, Safe-lists offer a similar service to traffic exchanges, where members benefit from mutual advertising sharing online, however not all Safe-list Traffic Sites are built the same. Viral Traffic Outbreak offers more than just a Solo email service and credit mailer there is also a unique viral element that helps push your ads even further beyond typical reach. To Top it all off there is also a ClickBank Auto-Pilot Income Generator available to upgraded members.

Just by using VTO in your marketing plan you can easily reach a safe-list of over 32,000 members with just a few clicks of your mouse. Easy as…. 1,2,3.

Advertisers can generate Free Viral Traffic & there is also an income opportunity for affiliates who can also use this platform to earn an extra income.

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FREE TRAFFIC CODES: { VNROCKS } 1000 Credits, { XSCASH } 2000 Credits.

*Please note: Sometimes promo codes have an expiry date or are limited in numbers, for example “available to only 1000 people” so be sure to look out for fresh and up to date promo codes on social media and inside the members area of the sites as well as in your email inbox.


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