Special Events

Special Events, Bootcamp's & Live Coaching

Business Club (Home Study Group)

  • Live Coaching Calls & Financial Education
  • Income Opportunities & Wealth Creation Platforms
  • Blockchain Technology, Fintech & App Discovery
  • Innovative Business Tool's & Resources
  • Business Development & Mastermind Groups

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Reiki Study Group (Reiki Share) Free introduction to Reiki 

  • Learn about Reiki and it's origins, learn, study and practice the amazing Japanese healing art Jikiden Reiki in it's purest form.
  • Free Introduction to Reiki
  • Places are limited - Call text or email to reserve your place.

Booking & Info

Call: Azenza Health & Lifestyle
00447855646558 UK (GMT) 9am-6pm
email: info@azenza.co.uk

Venues in Glasgow & North Ayrshire, Scotland.

UK, National & International Venues
Request a Study Group (Reiki Share) event in your local area by using the contact us form.

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7 Day Skin Care Challenge

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Live Online Webinars

Business Development & Wealth Creation Strategies (Home Study Group).

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Health & Nutrition, Personal Wellness (Home Study Group).

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Exclusive Coaching with Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher

6 Minutes to Success

Streaming Club

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