Steemit Rewards Quest & Triple Referral Contest

Steemit Rewards Quest 

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Starts 2nd January to 31st March 2019

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Let’s get started with earning rewards for doing the stuff you would normally do but would not normally be rewarded for…

Things like… using social media, playing games, watching videos, sending and receiving email and the best part is… it won’t cost anything to join in the fun and participate in the Quest.

Before you start make sure you have signed up for alerts and further instructions to claim rewards, earn commissions and win prizes. Sign up for alerts on this page


Steemit Rewards Quest (Part 1)

Steem Ninja Explained (Part 1)

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How quickly can I be rewarded on the Steem Blockchain?

Start Quest

Step 1. (option 1) $2

Sign up for an instant steemit account using and get SP Delegation for 90 day’s plus referral rewards. (Start using the Steemit platform right away and start being rewarded on the Steem Blockchain).

P.S. Once signed up your referral link will look like this but with your own user name: Example: bitcoinadzclub is

Step 1. (option 2) Free

Sign up to Steemit and follow this account for future posts and updates.
(You may need to wait some time for your account to be approved, once approved you can start being rewarded on the Steem Blockchain).

Step2. Sign up to Steemsavvy
(Access free video tutorials)

Step 3. Sign up to Bitcoinbully
(Access free video tutorials)

Step 4. Post a comment below this post with a short review on Steemit, Steemsavvy and Bitcoinbully, feel free to link to a blog post or article or webpage where you host your review or just simply provide some details in the comments below.

Step 5. Sign up to Utopian Global 
(Attend a Live Online Presentation)

Step 6. Sign up to etoro
(Social Trading Network, free demo account, live social trading platform with educational resources and the copy trader feature within a live social environment)

Step 7. Request Password for Lifetime Access to The Crypto Wealth Portal
(Access Multiple Crypto Faucets & Way’s to Earn & Be Rewarded with Crypto)
Use the contact us form to request password (Password will be issued only if you have completed the previous 6 steps) Login with password

Step 8. Sign up to our Travel Club
(Access exclusive offers, Rewards & Commissions)

Step 9. Complete the short survey on this page.
(Another chance to get rewarded on the Steem Blockchain)

Step 10. Sign up to Azenza Health & Lifestyle Newsletter
(Stay informed with up to date news and video reviews and more way’s to earn, win and be rewarded)

Once completed, Send a message with Quest Completed in the subject using the contact us form. (Include your email and steemit username and wait for our admin team to qualify you, If you are first to complete the Quest within the specified time frame (window of opportunity) you will be awarded 5 SBD.

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