The Man Who Could See The Future


The Man Who Could See The Future

Robert Kiyosaki, Author, Financial Educator talks about the future of our money.

New Video: 60 minutes of financial education that can change your life


@6.00 in: Watch and listen to Robert’s first prediction that has already come to pass.

@25.33 in this video Part 3: If Cash is Trash – What is Financial Education? Robert Says… “In 1971 President Nixon took the dollar of the Gold standard and the dollar became debt and the U.S. could now print money. The problem is our education system never changed after 1971”.

@44.20 in: Kim Kiyosaki say’s “So Network Marketing for me was a great way for me to learn and discover if I wanted to become an Entrepreneur”.

@56.44 in this video “So The Good News is…” “In a Crash you can get richer, much, much faster” Let’s say the U.S. dollar Crashes! It goes down, well on the other side of it –  if your in precious metals – like Gold & Silver, you can get rich really quickly”.

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Robert is known around the world most famously for the international best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad and has since went on to publish several books and audios and even the cash flow board game all hinged around Financial Education.

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