The Missing Link! Test your might! | Shaolin Spirit | Shi Heng Yi | TEDx Baia Mare

VIDEO: Test your might! | Shaolin Spirit | Shi Heng Yi | TEDxBaiaMare

Master Shi Heng Li is a shares some thought provoking words of wisdom in the short but profound TEDX Talk with a recent Community event in Baia Mare, Romainia.

Master Li is the Head Teacher at The Shaolin Temple in Germany, Europe and has practiced the way of the Shaolin Monks since he was 4 years old. He leads and teaches the same principles and knowledge that has been practiced for many centuries which dates back more than 1,500 years.

Master Shi Heng Li talks about The Missing Link! The simple and practical fundamentals which help to support a good healthy and happy balanced lifestyle which can apply to all areas of life, for example your personal life, business life, career or family life.

You can learn more about The Shaolin way of Life by visiting the website

“The universal law of being successful and happy at the same time means finding the balance” – Master Shi Heng Li

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