Traditional Japanese Reiki Ryoho in Simple Context

This simple yet profound Japanese healing art is often misunderstood as being something mysterious or on a par with the placebo effect.

The reality is just that most people are not aware of even the basic fundamentals of Reiki as a very real and practical solution for self care and treatment for those who are recovering to health after having suffered an injury or are recovering from some kind of illness or disease.

What is Reiki?

To gain a better understanding of Reiki, let's start with the name and it's meaning translated from Japanese to English.

Reiki: meaning (Universal - Life Force Energy).
Ryoho: meaning (Treatment, Practice or Method).

We all have (Universal Life Force Energy) and we all have the ability to heal ourselves and recover from an injury, illness or disease.

Reiki Ryoho helps to speed up the natural healing response and can help to restore lost energy and can help to release blocked energy in the person who is being treated.

Sometimes our energy can become depleted because our immune system is working hard to fight off infection or disease, or because our body is working hard to replenish and build new cells to replace damaged or diseased cells.

According to Scientific Studies, Researchers Estimate that the human body is made up of more than 724 trillion cells. The heart alone is made up of approximately 2 billion cells.

(Excerpt from The National Geographic Publication by Carl Zimmer 23rd October 2013).
The number of cells in an organ also has bearing on some medical conditions. The authors of the new study find that a healthy liver has 240 billion cells in it, for example, but some studies on cirrhosis have found the disease organ have as few as 172 billion.

A Reiki practitioner can offer treatment that supports the recipient's needs and works in such a way where recovery can be improved resulting in a much faster than normal healing time.

A person can return to good health and homeostasis naturally with the assistance of a Reiki practitioner.

Because of the complexity of the human anatomy and the various different aspects and functions of the organs etc, it's usually not possible to determine the exact result a person will receive from 1 single Reiki treatment, and results will vary from person to person depending on their age, severity of the health condition or issue and depending on their overall health condition.

Practical Applications, Use Case, Results, Testimonials, Recent Studies & Medical Reviews

In recent years, Reiki results and testimonials have been featured in medical journals and medical reviews which do indicate that Reiki is not only safe and practical but that it is also a very effective natural healing modality.

Reiki can be used for all kinds of health conditions, here are just some of the most common examples where Reiki Treatment may be applied: muscle and joint pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD.

Reiki can also be used to help a person recover from an accident or injury, for example: treating burns, broken or fractured bones.

Reiki can also be used to treat other common issues like arthritis, and can also assist people who are on the road to recovery post surgery and in conjunction with hospital treatment and other therapeutics and or medical care.

Reiki for Self Care and as a Holistic Therapy

Reiki can also be used as a form of self care and self healing as much as it can be offered as a service to treat others.

Reiki is non intrusive and a person can receive treatment fully clothed, A Reiki practitioner can provide treatment for a person while they are sitting, standing or laying down.

Most practitioners use a massage table and offer a calm and relaxing environment such as a quiet and peaceful treatment room or therapy room where the recipient can lay down and relax while receiving hands-on healing treatment and it also makes it easy for the practitioner who may be working with the person for up to 1 hour at at a time or longer.

Another method of Reiki Ryoho is Distance Healing, This is where the practitioner can send Reiki to the recipient remotely and to any part of the world without ever having to see the person physically.

Reiki is a proven tried and tested holistic health and healing modality which is now becoming ever more increasingly popular among registered nurses and health professionals who are actively working in mainstream health care.

Written by Paul Nulty
Holistic Health Coach, Personal Success Coach and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner.

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