Website Creation


This page will provide you with the most common questions answered when considering building a new website and everything you need to know to get started right now.

There are two options:

Option 1: Hire us to create your professional website and get it up and running for you! (Contact us for pricing and info).

Option 2: Build it yourself! (See our top tips, resources & affiliate partners below).

Building your first website can be fun and doing it by yourself allows you to cut cost’s if you have the time and dedication to learn some new skills – But where do I start? You may ask…

Start by reading the information below

Every good site has a good domain name, a domain name is your web address sometimes referred to as your web url. The full url to your website would look something like this:, When choosing a domain name, consider using specific wording and a easy short memorable name for example: If you are a cake maker and you specialize in making wedding cakes and your name is Sally a good option would be to have a domain name that says it all like: Next your going to need a good web hosting company, some marketing tools and some strategies for getting targeted traffic and visitors to your site.


Three Simple Steps to Get Started Right Now

Step 1. Buy, Secure & Register your Domain Name

Step 2. Buy, Secure & Register your Web Hosting

Step 3. Set up a WordPress Website, Choose a Theme and start adding your branding and content. Do this all from within your Cpanel Web Host Manager @ GVO Host Then Profit.


How to drive unlimited targeted traffic to your website

There is really no limit to what you can do to start sending unlimited targeted traffic to your website, I know… Because I have spent countless hours of time and energy researching this stuff, You can even do it for free, at a low cost or at premium rates it’s really up to you and the choices are endless. I think it’s good to have a budget set aside for this – think of it as another monthly expense, I know some companies that always re invest 20% of their income or more back in to their business as an allowance for advertising. Sometimes it’s a small amount and for some of the big businesses it can go in to millions – regardless of the size of your budget you can make it work for you! Even if you have no funds for advertising you can still make it work with free advertising it may just take more time and effort to get the desired results.


Three simple steps to drive unlimited targeted traffic to your website

Step1. Sign up to Viral Traffic Outbreak

Step 2. Sign up to Oustanding Solos

Step 3. Log in to both sites daily, browse resources, video tutorials and apply the traffic methods inside the members area. It will take time to build the momentum and set everything up but if you follow the video tutorials you will be up and running in no time and you will begin to see the results, the more you use the systems and develop your skills the better your results will be.


Questions & Answers

Q. Is it really that simple to set up a website in three simple steps?
A. Yes, It’s not complicated at all and the website service providers have intuitive easy to navigate sites and there are even video tutorials and live customer support staff available 24hrs to answer any questions just in case you get stuck.

Q. How long will it take to set it up?
A. It is possible to have it set up within just a couple of hours, however it can sometimes take up to 24 hours before your site becomes live on the hosting servers.

Q. I don’t have any experience – What if I make a mistake?
A. Try not to make a mistake… LOL… Sometimes it’s the best way to learn, Don’t worry if you make a mistake, You can always go back to where you left off and fix any issues at anytime.

Q. I don’t have much time to sit and learn this stuff and I am not really interested in learning, How much will it cost to have your web team do it for me?
A. It’s difficult to put a price on something like this without first knowing your requirements. The reason being; We need to establish how many pages will be required and how you plan to fill the content etc. So we would require some detailed information from you, However our prices are very competitive.

I hope you find the links and resources useful, contact us or leave a comment below if you need any further info or questions answered?