World Wide Healthy Breakfast Challenge


Get in better shape and have fun doing it with our brand new World Wide Healthy Breakfast Challenge!


6 Day Challenge – With A Complete Money Back Guarantee! Sign Up

Includes Personal Coaching – 121 Support & a Chance to Win Prizes!

Discover Herbalife Nutrition

Lot’s of people recognize Herbalife as a weight loss company, where in actual fact it’s first and foremost a nutrion company, So the products are great for everyone, not just people who want to lose weight.

One of the easiest way’s to discover Herbalife nutrition is to start with a trial pack (included with The World Wide Healthy Breakfast Challenge).

These packs are also handy if you are traveling as the pack contains 6 sachets of Formula 1 Protein, 2 sachets of thermal beverage = 6 servings of Herbal Tea. Some literature and free gifts.

Ready to experience Herbalife?

Take Part in The World Wide Healthy Breakfast Challenge!

6 Day Challenge – With A Complete Money Back Guarantee! Sign Up

The objective of this challenge is to introduce Herbalife Quality Nutrition in a fun and risk free way by giving you the piece of mind knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with any of the products or services provided I will happily refund every penny with no questions asked.


I understand you may have questions, most people do, So here are some FAQ’s & Feel free to call me any time to get your questions answered.

How Much does it cost?

It’s not going to break the bank, The products are very competitively priced and you can pay online through Paypal with a money back guarantee. My normal hourly rate is £35 ph but when you become a Herbalife Customer or join any of the Challenges Personal Wellness Coaching is free.

What’s included?


Nutrition & Coaching

  • 6 Sachets of Herbalife F1 – Formula 1 Protein (1 servings per sachet).
  • 2 Sachets of Herbalife Thermo Beverage (3 servings per sachet).
  • 30 Minute Pre Personal Wellness Evaluation Video.
  • Personal Wellness Programme pdf brochure.
  • 15 minute 121 Coaching Session includes Personal Wellness Evaluation & Goal Setting.
  • A chance to Win Prizes by Completing Challenges

What do I need and how do I get started?

Kitchen Utensils

  • Smoothie Maker or Blender or Nutri-Bullet or Shaker or at least a jug and whisk for mixing up your F1 Protein to create a Super Food Smoothie for Breakfast.
  • Your choice of milk, Dairy or Plant based for example; Almond Milk, Soy Milk, or Coconut Milk. (Enough for 6 Smoothies).
  • Cup or Glass
  • Table Spoon
  • Fresh Fruit (Optional)
  • Ice (Optional)

To get started simply visit this page below, enter in your details and complete your order, I will then place your order and you will receive your Healthy Breakfast Pack within 7 day’s.

Following that we will arrange a personal 121 coaching session and wellness evaluation to help you get started on your personal wellness journey.

I’m running this Challenge (every week) starting Monday through to Saturday,
Let me know if you are up for it?

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